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‘Talking to a New Partner’ – Come to an Event That Will Give You Confidence (and Information)

We run these days to help you develop confidence, information, skills – and to meet others in the same boat.

Nine people attended recently. They marked their score cards with the top rating: a ‘very helpful’ day and several commented that it was even more enjoyable than they had expected. “Meeting the others on the course is a bonus,” said one lady.  “In fact I have made two new friends and we support each other and meet up.”  These days happen every three months.

Another reason to subscribe

These workshops are for our members only – see subscription form to join. Feedback from people who attend these is always very positive. Come along to learn the facts, overcome the stigma, share experiences, practice your lines…

Join now (or phone 020 7607 9661 with your credit card or debit card).

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More dates: every three months or so – let the office know that you are interested and you will be added to the list.

Of course, we talk about all these issues at every meeting in London – see dates above. So come and get your questions answered and meet others.