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Potential vaccine?

A potential vaccine?

We have been reporting on Dr Bill Halford’s candidate vaccine in Sphere for years. (I even spoke to him on the phone.)  It is an interesting one, because it is different from the others and it is more like the successful chickenpox vaccine.
Now his first vaccine trial with just 17 people has gone public.  Already the Daily Express has hailed ‘cure on the horizon’. However this is only a phase 1 trial, so there is a long way to go yet! (Phase II and phase III before it can be sold – at least 4 years, IF all goes well.) And remember there was the GSK vaccine that failed at phase III.
He says: “This early-phase trial revealed TheravaxHSV-2 elicited stunning reductions in herpes symptoms among trial participants. Specifically, 17 of 17 participants who received the 3-shot vaccination series indicated the live TheravaxHSV-2 vaccine was more effective in reducing their genital herpes symptoms than antiviral drugs. On average, participants reported a 3.2 fold reduction in their number of herpes-symptomatic days per month” compared to taking antiviral drugs.”
We wait and see…
Marian Nicholson 18 October 2016