Want herpes support?

The HVA organises events both on Zoom and in person. Also, you could join an in-depth online course called “Assurance Day.” Get herpes support from the experts! Or just chat with others who are living with it. See table below for details.

Zoom sessions are twice a month. London-based events (in person) are on the first Saturday of the month. Plus other events, look down the page…

A meet-up in Bournemouth is happening on Sunday, June 16th from 2 pm – see below


To register for a Zoom event, email us at [email protected] and write ‘virtual event’ in the subject line. Let us know what date you are interested in. We will send you Zoom link prior to the event and answer any questions you may have. These events are open to everyone, you don’t have to be a subscriber. There is no obligation to speak or show your video during the call, but rest assured, it is confidential and others on the call will be in the same boat as you.

Zoom session testimonials:

“It was one of the few perks of the Covid situation for me. You moved the meetings to Zoom so I was able to join the support group online! It really was very useful and such a massive relief to finally meet other people in the same situation (other than the ex). I know such people exist, but meeting you makes a whole world of difference, you know?!”

“Don’t sit battling your feelings about herpes on your own, come and join our Zoom meeting and meet others, who have the same diagnosis, and chat and share your experiences or just listen. It’s not so scary, honest.”

“It’s given me a new confidence having met with lovely people from different backgrounds and different parts of the world who have the same condition as I have and are coping with it. We discuss our fears, feelings, symptoms and medication and how we have told partners. The HVA team are down to earth and honest and have put myths to rest. It’s helping me to feel normal… As we all are by the way. Oh, and we can also have a laugh as well.”

“I entered ‘how can I get herpes support?’ and yours was the listed third. I am so glad I’ve found you as you have really helped me get my head around it.”

TABLE OF EVENT DATES These are all free, unless a price is shown.

21 May, TuesdayZoom with herpes expert – £156.30-8.30 pm
1 June, SaturdayAtrium Lounge, President Hotel, Russell Sq.3 pm to 6pm
2 June, SundayZoom chat10 am to 12 noon
13 June, ThursdayZoom with herpes expert – £156.30-8.30 pm
6 July, SaturdayAtrium Lounge, President Hotel, Russell Sq.3 pm to 6pm
7 July, SundayZoom chat10 am to 12 noon
23 July, TuesdayZoom with herpes expert – £156.30-8.30 pm
3 August, SaturdayAtrium Lounge, President Hotel, Russell Sq.3 pm to 6pm
4 August, SundayZoom chat10 am to 12 noon
22 August, ThursdayZoom with herpes expert – £156.30-8.30 pm
24 August, Saturdayon Zoom – The Assurance Day – see below10.30 pm to 5pm

Meetings in person in London

Next one: Saturday, 1st June, 6th July, 3rd August, etc. from 3 till 6 pm. Join us! We have found that we can discuss ‘it’ in public without hotel staff or guests being aware we are a herpes support group.

To get to the President hotel, turn left out of Russell Square tube, take the first left into Herbrand Street, and the President is ahead. Inside, turn right to the Atrium. Marian or another volunteer will have yellow ‘SPHERE’ sign on the table. Full address: 56-60 Guilford Street WC1N 1DB. Just walk-in and join us, no appointment necessary.


Bournemouth – come and chat with Marian and others.  Sunday 16th June from 2 pm – 4.45pm in the Russel-Cotes Museum café, Russell Cotes Rd, East Cliff, BH1 3AB.

Marian will be sitting near a window. Her bright pink baseball hat will be very visible! Not sure what we will be doing after 5pm, but if you want to meet up later, send an email to [email protected] for Marian’s no. pink baseball hat

Expert talk

You will have a one hour presentation by a herpes expert. See dates in table above. This PowerPoint will equip you with everything you need to know. The second hour will be questions and answers, so you can ask about your own particular situation. It might be more details about what has been covered in the presentation: treatment, transmission, talking to a new partner. pregnancy. To sign up, send a £15 ‘donation’ on the herpes shop page. And be sure to put the date that you want in the ‘Order Notes (optional)’ box.Slide from Zoom presentation

Assurance Day – on 24th August 2024

Our hugely popular in depth online course – on Zoom – on how to feel confident again, learn about herpes from the experts, defeat the stigma and talk to a partner with ease, equipped with the facts.advert for 18th May Day
Course duration – one day
Cost: £40 for our subscribers. You have to subscribe before you can join this event. See https://herpes.org.uk/join.

Assurance Day timetable:

10:30-11:15Managing recurrences, treatment and why it is so common.

11:15-11:30Q&A with HVA director, Marian Nicholson.

11:45-12:45 – Knowledge is power: History of the herpes stigma with herpes expert Nigel Scott.

12:45 -1:30 – Lunch break.

1:30 – 2:30 – How to talk about it to a partner: with helpliner, Louisa, including” How partners usually react.

2:45 – 3:15 – The psychology and what you can do about it.

3.30 – 4:00‘When to? Where to? How to?

4:00 – 4:30 – Partner notification role play (optional).

5:00 – 5:30 – Open session and recap.

Assurance Day testimonials:

  • “Definitely worth attending! Even if you think you know all about herpes – it helps you to feel more positive.”
  • “Do it sooner rather than later!”
  • Well worth the money. Very good. You must do it.
  • “I wish I had signed up sooner. I think I would have had a more positive attitude towards sex, etc. over the last few years”.
  • Prior to attending the Assurance Day, I did not have had the guts to talk about this with my new girlfriend. She’s since become my soulmate. The HVA’s Assurance Day is life changing stuff!”.

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