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Subscribe to the HVA for total support. You will be glad you did.

“I got my life back. I moved on… thanks to the support of the HVA.”

Choose to get the information by email or by post – see box below.

“Learning more meant that I was calmer. I had fewer symptoms and I learnt to talk to a new partners. Thank you for helping me this way.”

  • Choose from the range of extra leaflets (below) on subjects that matter to you:
    • talking to partners about herpes, and transmission
    • preventing outbreaks including the best way to use antiviral drugs
    • pregnancy and childbirth, and many more…
  • Five journals over the first year with news of latest developments, useful advice, stories from others with the virus. See here for a sample.
  • Members forum – on Facebook: ask questions and meet other members online.
  • Phone the office any time for one-to-one advice.
  • You will be invited to attend one of our special members’ days where you will learn all about treatment, why there is a stigma and how to get past it and practical advice on telling new partners. Hundreds of members have attended these days. (There is an extra charge for “the day” – currently it is £15.)

This subscription will not be renewed automatically. You will be invited to renew in a year.

If you pay income tax, please tick the GAD box below, that way we can get £7.50 back from Inland Revenue on your subscription – and we really need the money!

The first year is £30 (you get so much info!) and after that you can renew for £25.

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With an annual subscription you’ll get more information. Subscribe to get five copies of the magazine and lots of specific leaflets the first year is £30. (You will be invited to re-subscribe at the end of the year.)

“I really value the extra support membership has given me. I would recommend everyone to join if they have any concerns. The herpes support meetings have helped me to calm down. And I now accept something I was originally horrified about. It is now only an occasional nuisance. I also met my new partner through the ‘Dates and Mates’ service and we are getting married next month.”  Sarah James (Bristol)

“Thank you so so much for the AMAZING information you provided in the latest magazine!” said a woman about the Spring 2022 issue.

Gift Aid on your subscription

Your donation and subscription are eligible for Gift Aid. We will be able to claim Gift Aid on subscriptions and donations. If you are paying with your own money on which you have paid PAYE or income tax, just select the Gift Aid option.

We get 25% back from Inland Revenue if you tick the Gift Aid box. The Herpes Viruses Association needs all the extra support that it can find. You don’t have to do anything other than tick the box.

What you get immediately

The shop software will send 6 leaflets that apply to everyone.  On the member’s page, you  can read any of the other leaflets that are relevant to your situation: do you need treatment details, or have you got a new partner that you would like to talk to about this?

They also send the current journal. This is comes out every three months. It contains 16 pages of useful articles in the paper version – or the same information formatted for on-line reading if you have chosen the digital version.

You will get the current magazine and four more before you are asked to renew your subscription. You can see a recent edition.

We also send you a ‘catch up mini-magazine’ at the beginning of the months when you don’t get the full magazine. These are very popular.

Exciting news will be shown on our News page, but the magazine contains constant updates on research – treatments and potential vaccines for genital herpes – which we follow with interest. When trials take place in the UK, we tell our members about this first. This means they can volunteer, before we tell the wider public.

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