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Has your question about herpes already been answered? Check Frequently Asked Questions. Or contact us:


Confidential helpline: we answer your questions about herpes. We do not ask your name. You can ask us anything – we understand.

0845 123 2305 between 9 am and 8 pm on weekdays. (Just occasionally we don’t have a volunteer for a few hours.) This is not a premium rate call – we get no money from it. It counts as a local rate from a landline. But your mobile service may charge more.  Or 020 7607 9661 Monday to Friday, 12 noon to 8 pm.

When you have called us, come back and fill in our short survey.  This feedback helps us to improve the helpline service  – you can be anonymous if you wish.


Join us. You get leaflets with full details on all the topics you need including: getting your head around it, pregnancy, talking to a new partner. You are sent five journals about herpes simplex during the year. Members have access to the “Assurance Day” – a full day’s session (on Zoom at present) to get all the facts and confidence you need to talk to a new partner. We say: “We will empower you to move on in your life with herpes.”

Email – question or feedback

If it is a long complicated question, it might be easier to contact us by phone and talk it through with a helpliner – numbers above.

How you can help: volunteering

We need your help to continue to offer this helpful website.  You can volunteer in many ways:  helping part-time with office tasks (or the occasional evening?), fundraising or social media programmes, answering helpline calls, hosting meetings, and much more…

You can help us to improve our website and other services – we need more young people on our Executive Management Committee – and more BAME members, and more men!

Get in touch: [email protected].

Or help us with a donation. (We get no funding from government or NHS.) Cheques should be written to ‘HVA reg charity’ and sent to:


HVA, Unit 110
Omnibus Workspace
41 North Road
N7 9DP

The Herpes Viruses Association is registered charity number 291657.

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