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Are you interested in taking part in research?

  1. Herbal spray from Australia. Volunteers needed to test it. Free sample sent to you. At present we are testing it on FACES and MEN’s GENITALS. (Sorry ladies.) Let me know how many outbreaks a year you have been getting. Email if you are interested.
  2. You can now take part research that will contribute to finding out why we get outbreaks. WELL ACTUALLY, it is research into finding out why we have shingles outbreaks. But as you will know if you have read the whole of the home page,
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Office Work

We need a volunteer (or more than one) to come into the office to do the routine tasks of administration. (We had a great guy, but we found him a full-time paid job in this building, so we need ‘you’!)

The two of us cannot manage on our own but we cannot afford to employ a third person. You could come in on certain days of the week, or for part of a day, or in even the evening (we’re here till at least 8 pm). We will show you exactly how to do the tasks, but obviously it would help if you have some word processing or Excel experience. We are conveniently just round the corner from Caledonian Road tube station (Piccadilly line) and your fares can be paid. Talk to us about what you might be able to do: 020 7607 9661.
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What You Get in the Current Magazine

Spring 2016 Edition of Sphere

Sphere magazine 30_4_cover

  • Stigma – the fact that this is a drug company invention is being picked up by other media – read about it!  And see our scathing comment to the BBC following their dastardly piece!
  • Explanation of the ‘cold sores and Alzheimer’s’ as told by the researcher herself Dr Ruth Itzhaki.
  • The verbatim report of (part of) the talk by Dr David Pao at our AGM – with link to the blame/shame video clip.
  • You will agree that ‘the state of your mind affects the state of your body’ – read more in this issue.
  • Plenty of updates on research into the virus – all of which will lead towards the answer of how to stop this infection.
  • Currently there are many vaccines being worked on – but none of them has reached the phase 3 stage, when we can start to hope that it might reach patients (or their partners).
  • You can read comments from people who attended one of our “Moving On Days” – half the members who attended the one in May are now in a relationship.
  • And there is always a personal story – in every magazine.

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‘Talking to a New Partner’ – Come to an Event That Will Give You Confidence (and Information)

We run these days to help you develop confidence, information, skills – and to meet others in the same boat.

Nine people attended recently. They marked their score cards with the top rating: a ‘very helpful’ day and several commented that it was even more enjoyable than they had expected. “Meeting the others on the course is a bonus,” said one lady.  “In fact I have made two new friends and we support each other and meet up.”
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Buying Antiviral Tablets Online

There are several websites where you can buy aciclovir or Valtrex.  Check that they are UK-based and have the approval of the Health Commission. This will ensure that you are buying genuine antiviral tablets. These websites have a series of questions that you need to answer satisfactorily before they can issue the ‘e-prescription’ and sell you the treatment.
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The Sun’s Story About a Baby and a Cold Sore

The Sun (23-9-15) Wrote About a Mum Who is Asking People Not to Kiss New Babies

Because Claire Henderson had never had a cold sore (or any other herpes simplex virus) her baby did not have any antibody protection when someone with a cold sore kissed baby Brooke.  The newborn baby became very ill. Luckily, the hospital put the baby on an aciclovir drip and this ensured that she made a full recovery.

If you have genital herpes, cold sores, or whitlows (on the finger), your new babies have ‘borrowed’ antibody protection that will last them until they are old enough to catch things without danger.  So you do not have to worry about infecting your baby.

Since no one knows the antibody status of a new baby, don’t kiss a baby that is not yours!

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Confidentiality at Clinics…

There has been a law since 1917 that ensures that information about you – when you visit a sexual health clinic – is kept confidential. The government is proposing to scrap this law and replace it with woolly rules on confidentiality… Read more about this on our blog. Or go straight to the (short) survey organised by BASHH (sexual health doctors’ organisation). Send it to anyone else you think will help.