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Confidentiality at Clinics…

There has been a law since 1917 that ensures that information about you – when you visit a sexual health clinic – is kept confidential. The government is proposing to scrap this law and replace it with woolly rules on confidentiality… Read more about this on our blog. Or go straight to the (short) survey organised by BASHH (sexual health doctors’ organisation). Send it to anyone else you think will help.

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Result of the Case Review of the Trial of David Golding

“The conviction was sound” – read our press release, May 2014 and our blog.

This is the only criminal trial in the UK, ever, regarding herpes.  It happened only because neither David nor his lawyer did anything to find out about herpes.  David went to court and pleaded guilty. There was no trial, therefore this cannot be said to create a precedent.  Read more about this in the article by Nigel Scott.

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Vaccine Trial in London

In December 2012, the Amgen PR lady informed us that their report re the phase I Immunovex vaccine trial was not ready for publication. However she assured us that Amgen is committed to following pharma’s guidelines which say that the results of every trial involving volunteers (42 in this case) must be made public. This vaccine was created by the Biovex company, and Amgen has bought Biovex. Phase I is the safety stage – and, so far, the vaccine has proved safe. So it will be a commercial decision as to whether a phase II trial is undertaken. The hope is that this jab could prevent genital herpes in those as yet uninfected and also act as a treatment for people who are getting too many genital herpse outbreaks.
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Donations for Research

You can now support research that will contribute to finding a cure for this virus. We checked out the projects of nine different researchers in the UK and spoke to three of them. We have decided to support Dr Klenerman’s research in the Dept of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge’s Department. He explained that the first stage of his work will soon be the subject of “a nice paper on how a neutralising antibody prevents HSV entry, exploiting the novel biophysical methods that we have developed and adapted to follow viral entry”.
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Our Own Wikipedia Page


The history of the HVA – why and how we started up – a bit about the creation of the stigma – you can see it on the Herpes Viruses Association Wikipedia page now! It needs someone to go in and ‘edit’ into the text all the links to other pages of Wiki.  Whilst creating this page, it became obvious that we could add a lot more about how the stigma was invented on the regular herpes simplex page.