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Herpes medication and the COVID vaccines

We are getting a lot of calls about herpes medication and the COVID vaccines. (And see lower down for the Covid vaccine and a herpes simplex outbreak.)

Even if have a herpes outbreak, can I have the vaccine?

Short answer: Yes you can.

Longer answer… A herpes simplex outbreak (a ‘cold sore’) is minor problem for the body to deal with. It can certainly manage to control the outbreak and deal with the new ‘flu vaccine’ that is the Covid vaccine.

It is generally said that being unwell is meant to be a trigger factor for an outbreak. This is where the names cold sores or fever blisters come from – people noticed they pop out when a person is unwell. Most interestingly we know of people who get a lot of outbreaks but no colds or flu, while people around them are getting these ‘normal’ illnesses.

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