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Are you interested in taking part in research?

  1. Herbal treatment.

    Volunteer to test new melissa treatment (the herb ‘lemon balm mint’). Free sample sent to you. At present we are testing it on MEN’s GENITALS (sorry ladies)  AND ANYONE’S FACIAL COLD SORES.  Email us with the number of outbreaks a year you get.

  2. Take part research that will contribute to finding out why we get outbreaks.

    WELL ACTUALLY, it is research into finding out why we have shingles outbreaks. But as you will know if you have read the page about all the herpes family, “humanherpes virus 3” causes chickenpox/shingles  – and this virus works in much the same way as humanherpes viruses 1 and 2 (that’s the two types of herpes simplex). Dr Neil Patel (in London) is asking for you to volunteer to come and give him a drop of blood. Email if you are interested.

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    Marian gave Dr Patel some of her blood on 9th July … and has blogged about it.