OLE Olive Leaf Extract


Standardised Olive Leaf Extract. 20% oleuropein. 400mg per capsule.

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OLE (olive leaf extract) has been used for a long time in Central Europe to treat various viral illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome. To prevent herpes outbreaks, we tested it on members who were having frequent outbreaks. We ran an open-label, three-month trial, comparing OLE with two other products.  11 out of 14 people taking the OLE reported that it had really helped them. They had shorter, fewer or no outbreaks during that time. People taking the other products had much lower levels of satisfaction.

As it could take up to three months for you to notice it is working, we recommend that you buy two tubs, if you plan to try it – one tub won’t last long enough for a valid experiment. And you will save £3 if you buy two, £8.50 if you buy three.

We get comments like this one from Elizabeth:

“I had almost one a month last year. Since I have been taking OLE [about 10 months], I have only had one – and it was very short.”

Each tub contains 60 capsules of ‘high potency standardised olive leaf extract’ (60 days’ supply). Each capsule contains 400mg standardised Olive Leaf Extract (20% Oleuropein). In a base of stoneground brown rice flour (gluten free). Capsule shell: Vegetable Cellulose (HPMC).

You may notice that the filling in each capsule varies between batches. This is because it is ‘standardised’ – the maker has tested raw material to see how ‘strong’ they are. Depending on rainfall and sunlight, the ‘strength’ of the leaves will vary and so a different amount of dried leaf is needed in each capsule. Olive Leaf Extract has a long history of varied uses. People have been buying this from us since 1995.

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