Genital Herpes Antiviral Treatment

Antiviral treatment is given out at sexual health clinics.  GPs can issue prescriptions.  Read how the antiviral medication can be used.  

Some people may choose to purchase antiviral medications via an online prescription/pharmacy service. There are various providers – this is one:

Genital Herpes Treatment Online from MedExpress

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MedExpress is a registered internet pharmacy. It offers treatments for patients who have been diagnosed with herpes simplex (genital herpes).
MedExpress offers aciclovir and valaciclovir antiviral medication for the treatment of current or future outbreaks.  You can also buy suppression courses.
MedExpress charges £19.99 for a single course of aciclovir (15 x 400 mg tablets) and £49.99 for a
suppression course of 3 months (168 x 400 mg tablets).
Their service is completely confidential and they offer discreet, next day delivery.

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