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Buying Antiviral Tablets Online

There are several websites where you can buy aciclovir or Valtrex.  Check that they are UK-based and have the approval of the Health Commission. This will ensure that you are buying genuine antiviral tablets. These websites have a series of questions that you need to answer satisfactorily before they can issue the ‘e-prescription’ and sell you the treatment.

Here is a link to one of these e-chemists – last time we checked, it offered very good value.

It is important to have the tablets to hand so that you can take them the moment that you notice the first signs of an outbreak. This is called episodic treatment. If used in this way they may prevent an outbreak at an important time.  This could be a romantic weekend or an important exam.

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If you want to take them longer term, because you get frequent outbreaks, you may wish to discuss this with your GP or a clinic doctor.  On-line suppliers sell packs of tablets for ‘three months’ (actually 84 days) treatment.  For more information on how antiviral tablets can help, go to Frequently Asked Questions.