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What You Got in the Spring Magazine

Spring 2019 – Sphere magazine (18 pages in print version, and the e-version is single column for easy reading.)

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Do you know what type of herpes you have and why it can be useful if you do? In the Spring Sphere, we give the lowdown on the types (HSV-1 and HSV-2).

In medical news, learn about an STI you might not have heard of – Mycoplasma Genitalium. It can cause fertility problems so it definitely shouldn’t be ignored. If you get a burning sensation when peeing – ask to be tested “for MGen.”

Also in medical news, read about CRISPr – molecular scissors that might be used to cut/kill virus. Is this the future of treatment? Also – there’s a new drug idea from China!

Read about our Woman’s Hour experience – Marian and two members were featured – from about minute 6.

Women – vulvas and more vulvas, proving that yours is normal.

Men – pimples and spots that are not herpes simplex. Learn the difference.

Being happy – a skill or a gift? Page 16 is a must-read!

Are you young? – we need you to advise us…

Daphne and Nancy discuss the ‘the day’ – next one 27th April.

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‘My Story’ from Elaine is one of the most dramatic we have featured – you won’t want to miss it.

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Timings and details of ‘THE DAY’ on April 27th – and remember to check events page:

Save the date – 22nd June, 2-6pm

We will have a talk from a GUM doctor on “What I tell my patients” and from an inspirational speaker on “Getting your head around something” – she’s so good this is the third time we have invited her! This event is for members only – sign up now!

Go to and give a review of the hospital, the doctor, the clinic who needs a compliment or a piece of ‘constructive criticism’. This website has already resulted in better treatment on a children’s ward. It’s a brilliant way for us to comment on sexual health services as you can remain anonymous. When completed, chose HVA as ‘your charity’ and we get 5p. Hey, every little helps!

See articles from past Spheres here.  See an example of the full magazine here.

Back copies of Sphere

You can also order back copies of Sphere.  For instance you can read a talk on the psychology of having herpes simplex given by Dr John Green on “Getting your head around it”.

He made us laugh! A total of ten pages printed in two successive journals. We print an almost verbatim report of his talk including the question and answer session and his views on the (non-issue) of the Crown Prosecution Service’s guidelines on ‘deliberate infection with an STI’.  His attitude was that if he was called as an expert witness, he would use the court to ridicule the idea of attempting to bring a case about this. But he does not expect, ever, to see a person in the dock for transmitting herpes simplex.  He laughed and said something about how you cannot call herpes simplex ‘a serious condition’. His whole talk was very amusing and the report is sprinkled with [LAUGHTER] notes so that readers can feel what it was like to be in the room. (They are in SPHEREs 21/3 and 21/4.)

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