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Survey for people with chronic pain (such as shingles may cause)

Are someone with constant or frequent (‘chronic’) pain? Then we would like you to tell us about speed of your diagnosis and treatment.  This is a Europe-wide survey. There are just 25 tick-box questions. Therefore, we expect thousands of replies.

The survey already has over 400 responses.  It closes mid-April and the final report will presented at a conference in Malta in June.

One friend of mine will be filling it in re her chronic migraines and another pal has reported re her fibromyalgia. Add your experiences, please!

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Why is it on this news page? The HVA’s subgroup is called the Shingles Support Society.  Shingles is a painful condition mostly affecting the elderly. As well as director of the HVA and SSS, I am the UK representative for Pain Alliance Europe.  This is an umbrella charity dedicated to raising awareness of chronic pain. And, of course, improving services for the people affected. PAE represents 33 charities from across Europe.  So it has a louder voice than any one charity on its own.  Get clicking!

Marian Nicholson, 10-3-2017