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Stigma and Services – Our Campaigns!

Is your local sexual health/contraception service performing well? Under the new NHS rules that ‘any competent provider’ can be commissioned to provide a service, we need to ensure that sexual health and family planning clinics are up to sratch. You can record your experiences on the FPA/Brook interactive webpage.

We send ‘letters to the editor’, submit articles for publication and write to journalists. METRO had a cover story about young people and STIs which included the ‘fact’ that babies born to mothers with herpes simplex die! As if! The truth is that babies whose mothers have herpes simplex themselves have the antibodies that will protect them from mothers’ virus, should they meet any while being born. It is only the babies of mothers having a primary illness (first infection) or mothers who have no herpes simplex who are at risk of serious illness. So if know you are infected, you do not have to worry. See the letter we sent to the METRO editor here.

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We had letters in the Times and the Independent in 2007 saying that the stigma must stop, and you can read them both here.