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The Herpes Viruses Association sells HERPES SIMPLEX – THE GUIDE, a six thousand word, 16 page booklet, now in its twelfth edition, for diagnosed patients.  It conforms to the requirements of the Information Standard. Last year, GUM clinicians handed the GUIDE to about 40% of newly diagnosed patients.

This edition includes more detail on ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and a long section on ‘Why herpes simplex may cause some people anxiety’ which explains how the word ‘herpes’ has been given its aura of horror. Dr Phil Hammond has written the Introduction.

Two doctors have written:

The Guide_bask“An excellent patient perspective on genital herpes that will help dispel myth by providing good commonsense advice” Dr George Kinghorn, MD FRCP, Clinical Director, Sheffield and Chair of the Herpes Simplex Virus Advisory Panel (sub-group of British Association for Sexual Health and HIV)

“You have done an excellent job and I think it is very comprehensive,” wrote Professor Adrian Mindel, CBE MSc MD FRCP, formerly of the Middlesex Hospital and co-author of “Herpes, What it is and How to Cope” (now out of print)

A reader commented:

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“I think it would be really helpful if there could be your GUIDE and information about the Association in clinics – preferably doctors would give out the GUIDE on diagnosis – this would do a lot to prevent the fear, despair, etc. when first being diagnosed – it took me months before I heard about the HVA.”

Cost of HERPES SIMPLEX – A GUIDE – you can order these on-line
1 to 10 copies: send £2.50 for each copy
50 copies: £45.00 (including p&p)
100 copies: £80.00 (including p&p)
200 copies for £150.00 (including p&p)
300 copies for £225.00 (including p&p)
400 copies for £300.00 (including p&p)

You can pay by cheque, postal order, credit or debit cards: HVA, 41 North Rd, London N7 9DP – or phone your order to 020 7607 9661 from 10 am till 6 pm.

You can email us with your official order number and we will invoice you.

True or False-May 2010The TRUE or FALSE leaflet:
For the public, we have a snappy, single page ‘True or False’, thousand word leaflet. This answers the basic questions about herpes simplex (facial and genital) and addresses some myths.

It is distributed through GPs’ surgeries.

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