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Herpes Treatment

Genital herpes treatment

The link below will take you to on-line shop which sell antiviral drugs and is regulated by the UK authorities so that you can trust the products are what they say they are. Some on-line shops for antiviral drugs may not be trustworthy.
Having your pills to hand so that you can take them the moment that you notice the first signs of an outbreak makes sense. And you might want to take them to prevent an outbreak when you are planning a sexy weekend. But if you are someone who wants to take them for a while to supress too many outbreaks, this is an expensive option, you may prefer to see if your GP or GUM clinic will give you a prescription.

Buy Genital Herpes Treatment Online from MedExpress
MedExpress is a registered internet pharmacy which offers treatments for patients who have been diagnosed with herpes simplex (genital herpes).
MedExpress offers aciclovir and valaciclovir anti-viral medication for the treatment of current or future outbreaks as well as supression courses.
MedExpress charges £19.99 for a single course of aciclovir (15 x 400mg tablets) and £49.99 for a suppression course of 3 months (168 x 400mg tablets).
The service is completely confidential and they offer discreet, next day delivery.

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