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Sexual health services – did you get good service?

Did you get into the sexual health clinic easily? Did they make you wait days?  The new commissioning system for sexual health services (GUM clinics) is via local authorities – it comes out of their public health budget. Sexual health is not paid for by the NHS any more.

If you would like to tell the doctors/clinics about your experience, they want to hear from you: let them know through this survey You can be anonymous if you like.

Genital herpes can only be diagnosed by taking a swab when you have symptoms. So it is essential that people who want to check if this is what they have, get into the clinic when the symptoms are present. Complaints are needed if the services are not up to scratch! Click here for the survey.

You might see adverts from private clinics/on-line clinics – “get diagnosed by post”.  Ensure that only a swab is used for your diagnosis. There is no point in a urine test or a blood test for diagnosing genital herpes.

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